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Why are there time gaps in the posts? - The forums were taken offline in ~2013 and were (finally) restored in 2023. Feel free to start a new thread or reply to an existing one.


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  • Re: Can't believe Fuller's in Lumberton isn't listed

    Fuller's is pretty decent if you are looking for typical buffet barbecue. I found the chopped pork to be a bit dry and overcooked - probably resulting from being left on the buffet line under the heat lamps. Tasted pretty good, but just not the quality I usually find at a sit-down order-from-the-menu restaurant.
    Posted to Lumberton/Whiteville (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on February 25, 2013
  • Re: Go to the Skylight in Ayden with the big Capitol roof!!!!

    Pretty good Q, especially if you like hard bits of skin chopped into the meat. Gives LOTS of flavor, but there were too many hard bits for my preference. Here is my review from my book: Perfect flavor! However, they took perfect Q (flavor, moistness &amp; tenderness) and added extra fat, soft gristle, and skin to lower the rating from 5 to 4 ...
    Posted to Rocky Mount/Wilson/Greenville (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on February 25, 2013
  • Memphis Barbecue Company

    Just found out about a new Q-joint in Fayetteville and my wife and I had to try it out. The ''Memphis Barbecue Company'' has opened its second restaurant (the first being in Mississippi), and it is WONDERFUL!!! Owners are Melissa Cookston (pitmaster of Yazoo's Delta Q of Memphis In May and Memphis Barbecue Network fame - 4 time WORLD BBQ ...
    Posted to Fayetteville (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on January 22, 2013
  • Re: NCBS BBQ Boot Camp

    Hey matusgreats, Just wanted to let you know that the ''camp'' you are referencing is actually held by the North Carolina Barbecue Society (NCBS) and NOT by this forum or its founders. If you go to the NCBS website ( )you will see that they are offering three camps again this year: one in May in ...
    Posted to Discussions (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on January 15, 2013

    Please tell me about ''The North State Series''. I've judged the MBN in Charlotte in 2010 and 2011, but had a conflict with the KCBS comp in Rocky Mount this year. I HIGHLY recommend the ''Smoke on the Mountain'' comp in Galax, VA if you are looking for another MBN nearby. Judged that one the past three years and it is a GREAT comp!
    Posted to Discussions (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on January 1, 2013
  • Re: Hickory/Fruit Wood Search...

    I know that it has been a LONG time since this thread was started, but if you are still looking for apple wood I found a supplier in Morganton that is very reasonable. Only problem is that you have to pick it up. Just keep an eye out along the backroads for loads of firewood and you might get lucky with hickory. If anyone else knows of a apple ...
    Posted to Discussions (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on December 28, 2012

    What comps are you looking to compete in? KCBS, MBN, NCBS, other? I judge just about everything around the state (sanctioned, and have been known to judge a few un-sanctioned as well) and would love to talk with you about some comps if you like. I use a gas pig-cooker for competing in North Carolina Pork Council events and was interested in ...
    Posted to Discussions (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on December 28, 2012
  • Re: Allen & Sons 6203 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill (on hwy 86)

    I don't disagree on this Q-joint usually being pretty dadgum good; however, they sure do think a lot of their offerings! The biggest problem that I've found at A&amp;S (besides the cost) is that they are very inconsistent! Some times I get really good Q and other times it isn't. I live just up the road from there and have frequented this ...
    Posted to Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on December 12, 2012
  • Certified Barbecue Judge training classes for 2013

    Just wanted to let anyone know that might be interested, the schedule of a couple Certified Barbecue Judge (CBJ) training classes that will be coming up in 2013 in/around North Carolina. North Carolina Barbecue Society (NCBS): 17-18 May in Clemmons, NC 19-20 July in Sugar Mountain, NC 27-28 September in Castle Hayne, NC (My wife and I will be at ...
    Posted to Competitions (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on December 11, 2012

    Kinda wish I would have known sooner, as I've been looking for a good gasser for a while now. I just bought a new ''Lang - 36'' Smoker Hybrid'' the last week of November. Good luck with finding a buyer! Just curious, why are you selling it?
    Posted to Discussions (Forum) by Another_Q_Lover on December 11, 2012
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